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Band for Today 

Band for Today will be starting again soon. Giving your child music lesson is one of the best things you can do for them. Music is a gift that will last throughout their lives. Band for Today has providing schools with band and piano programs for 32 years with classes right at school. Our caring teachers will give your child a great experience through music. This is the easiest and most convenient way to give your child the gift of music. For more informaiton, please visit www.bandfortoday.com. Our Band for Today teacher is our very own music teacher, Ms. Held.


Beta Club  

"Let us Lead by Serving Others"
The National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. And for more than 80 years, it has prepared today's students to be tomorrow's leaders.
Holy Redeemer will charter a new Beta Club beginning in the fall of 2016. The qualities of an excellent Beta member are character, achievement, responsibility, and leadership; therefore as a member of the Holy Redeemer Catholic School Junior Beta Club, students will meet the following criteria: Maintain a 3.5 overall average, regularly attend scheduled meetings, participate in service projects, and demonstrate appropriate school behavior and leadership skills. Students in grades 4-8 are eligible for Beta Club membership. Students in grade 4 will be invited after the first Trimester grades are posted. Beta Club sponsors are Mrs. Tinter & Mrs. Richart.


Drama Club

The Holy Redeemer's major drama production is the Spring Production for grades 5-8. Each year a different musical production is chosen and students tryout for the major roles as well as acting in the play. Other students work as back stage crew members who are responsible for the props, sets, lighting and sound.
Plays are usually staged on Friday and Saturday evenings. Tickets are sold, and many school and parish members attend.

Knight's News Team

The school newspaper, Knight's News Team, is an extra-curricular activity offered to interested students. The online publication which is published several times a year features original student work, interviews, articles, surveys, and puzzles and jokes.

Students who join are provided with opportunities to polish their interviewing and writing skills. Under the direction of the school moderator, students learn about writing for a deadline, submitting drafts for approval and editing copies.


Middle School Bible Study Group

Every Tuesday students gather together to pray and study the Bible. These students have also organized service projects and student lead Lenten Reflections.

Volunteer Coordinators: Mrs. Toni


National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society is the nation’s premiere organization established to recognize outstanding middle school students. Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade are selected who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Service, Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Citizenship. Students with qualifying academics are invited to apply in January after the first semester of the school year. Those selected by the faculty council and approved by administration are inducted in a ceremony at the end of January. Students participate in a variety of service activities throughout the school year. The faculty advisor is Mr. Lascelle. 

Rosary Club

Every Thursday students gather together and make Rosaries by hand to donate to different organizations such as the M.D. Cancer Research Institute where they are handed out to patients, and hospitals.

Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Sheila Smith


Student Council

Student Council is a student-based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students. Students participating in all levels of the Council will maintain a high standard of personal conduct. Council members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and actions. All Council members will be expected to participate in approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of both the physical and behavior environment of the school.



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